We were shocked to discover that very few companies, besides us, currently offer USDA Certified Organic hemp products.

That’s a big deal. A lot of times, people assume that if they are buying a product from a health food store, that automatically means it’s organic and is not sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. The fact is this: if it doesn’t say certified organic on the label, you can’t be sure.

Ancient Nutrition’s co-founder and chief formulator, Jordan Rubin, has experience as an organic permaculture farmer, so he’s keenly aware of the importance of growing and using organic hemp versus non-organic hemp. Our paid partners, the Knox Docs, agree with Jordan about this.

Why? Because hemp is what’s known as a “bioaccumulator.”

In short, hemp is often more susceptible than many other plants to absorbing the pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers that often accompany non-organic farming.

Let’s be clear. We can’t say for sure whether (or how many) of these irritants seep into hemp that’s grown at non-organic farms. That’s why we wanted to do everything in our power to keep that stuff OUT of the hemp our customers use. In order to do so, we needed to oversee where, by whom, and how our hemp is grown.

That’s why we partnered with two experienced, regenerative, multi-generation U.S. farmers who specialize in growing USDA Certified Organic hemp.

Tracy Lehman is a 4th generation farmer in the middle Tennessee. His experience in horticulture includes large scale production of organic crops including corn. His passion for organic farming drove him to become among the first licensed USDA certified organic hemp growers in the state of Tennessee. Certified Organic Hemp has become Tracy’s primary crop, farming hundreds of acres and partnering with Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe to grow for Ancient Nutrition.

Todd Vincent aka The Fermented Farmer has been practicing regenerative agriculture for over a decade. Author of Fermentable: 30 Days of Fermented Meals, Todd is the manager of Beyond Hemp, a vertically integrated, sustainable hemp farm in Summertown, TN where he resides with his wife Kari and 12 children. Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin are both co-owners of Beyond Hemp.

It would have been easy to slap our logo on a run-of-the-mill CBD. Put the products on our store. And simply “cash in” on the CBD hemp trend.

But that’s never been the Ancient Nutrition way. We’ve spent the last 4 years+ immersing ourselves in everything from genetics to growing to extracting to processing to formulation. Pursuing the ultimate possibilities of what hemp has to offer.

Every Ancient Nutrition CBD Hemp formula uses USDA Certified Organic hemp.

This way, not only can we process our hemp in groundbreaking ways. We can also assure the purity of that hemp from seed to sprout to flower to bottle to you.

What did we learn from making this happen? Let’s just say…there’s a reason more companies don’t do it! It takes a ton of time, expense, and quality control to grow large quantities of organic hemp. But with our track record, we refused to compromise.

What we wanted to get to millions of people was to make sure there was a quality, certified organic, CBD product out there.

What’s the real difference between a product that’s grown organically versus non organically, especially when talking about CBD hemp and other herbs? When you spray a plant with pesticides and chemicals, it can affect the quality of and compounds in the plant.

That’s why we chose USDA Certified Organic CBD hemp for our products.