Ancient Nutrition Organic CBD Hemp features fermented hemp, a first of its kind and something we’ve seen no other company offer to consumers.

If you’re familiar with Ancient Nutrition and its products, you know our co-founders Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin are huge believers in fermentation.

In short, fermentation is an ancient process that uses microorganisms to break down food into more absorbable components via aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. We use fermented foods and botanicals in many of the Ancient Nutrition products from probiotics to mushrooms and herbals because we believe in them. So it was only natural that we would experiment with fermenting hemp, too. And boy, are we glad we did.

Because although we cannot yet be certain that fermentation makes CBD more absorbable…our experiments show that hemp fermentation process may positively affect cannabinoid raw material levels. More tests remain to be done, certainly. But it was an exciting preliminary observation by our research and development team.

Fermenting our hemp was a strategic decision we made in order to create a truly unique CBD product. (To our knowledge, no other company does it!)

In fact, fermentation was so important to us that we built our own in-house USDA Certified Organic fermentation, extraction, manufacturing and packaging facility in the U.S. That facility is where we transport our certified organic hemp after harvesting.

Once the hemp arrives, we put it through our special fermentation process. Then we combine it with herbs and spices and dry it at low temperatures (below 108 degrees) using our custom built, raw food drying system.

From there, we use this amazing fermented blend in our certified organic powders and caplets. Not all of our hemp products feature fermented hemp. But all of our powders and caps do, and you’ll notice it on the ingredients section of the label when you look at the hemp products in our store.